Monday, July 23, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

I had been meaning to write about this lovely little Wes Anderson film. I thought Moonrise Kingdom was enchanting. And the little actors did amazing. And of course in true Wes Anderson form, the music was fantastic. Especially the song below by Francoise Hardy (the song where the children danced).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Touch Me, I Hear The Sound of Mandolins

I’m so in love with Nina Simone right now. Her voice is so different. Its strangely beautiful. Powerful. The first time I heard this song I think I was 18. My brother Marcos had picked me up from work and drove me home with the windows rolled down and we listened to David Bowie (he covered this song in 1976), sing “You touch me, I hear the sound of mandolins, you kiss me with your kiss my life begins. You’re spring to me, all things to me…don’t you know you’re life itself?”. The song was fu**ing magical to say the LEAST. And then I heard Nina Simone (she covered this song in 1959), sing it and now I’m completely torn on which is best. So I’m just going to say they’re both best. Both amazing. Both moving. Both perfect.

My sister thought Nina Simone was a man when she first heard her sing. She's got an unconventional beauty to match that unconventional voice.

Is there anyone that you think is unconventionally beautiful? 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Throwback Cursh

Jane....efffing....Fonda. I love these old pictures of her. What a sweetheart. So gorgeous it almost makes you want to cry that you don't look like her! Look at that hair! Those Eyes! Those thighs! Beautiful...I have a total girl crush on her!  


I'm super jealous... 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mi Casa

I'm lucky. I live in a little white house on top of a hill on a vineyard. In one of the most glorious parts of Oregon. The Willamette Valley. Today I decided to share some pictures of sunsets and sunrises I have enjoyed at my humble abode. Enjoy! 

Sun Deck: This is where I enjoy drinking coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the afternoon  

My milkshake does not bring the boys to the yard. It brings cows...which in turn bring milk.  

The path to the only house in sight....MINE :) 

Oregon Sunset  

A little view of the Dundee Hills 

The Vineyard: My house is the little white one on the hill.  

What a beautiful place to live. Once again...I'm a lucky girl. I only pay $300 for rent (that includes EVERYTHING - cable, internet, electricity, water, ect). It's company housing. Perks of the corporate life! 


Monday, July 9, 2012

Running Into High School Crushes

There's something about her voice that I'm not quite over. I'm in love with the sad happiness in her voice. To feel anything as much as she feels in this song is my only dream. I love the part of the video where she's strumming a guitar with no strings. It means lots to me. I also love that she is not "conventionally" beautiful. You have all your senses to focus on the lyrics. The melody. The voice. 

I ran into a boy at a bar this Friday night. This boy was someone who DEFINED my high school life. I loved everything about him. His clothes, his eyes, his art, his music, his smile, his shyness. Everything. I was obsessed with this boy. In every single page of my junior high and high school journal I wrote about him. No joke. Every single page mentioned him. For 7 whole tormenting years I longed for this boy. And on a drunken Friday night 6 years later I told him so. HA! He laughed and smiled. Then said "I had the biggest crush on you. I thought you were the coolest person. The feeling was mutual Rosy. Quite mutual." 



Monday, July 2, 2012

Falling From Grace

Good morning July. I hope you are better than June was here in the beloved northwest. The song of the day was brought to you by Pumpkin. A film about a sorority girl who falls in love with a mentally challenged boy she is helping as part of a charity. I adore Christina Ricci in this film. She reads a poem at the end that I just can’t help but love love love. I cant find it anywhere online so if you know it please let me know. I hope you enjoy the song. Gentle Waves – Falling From Grace.

                                                       LYRICS FOR THE SONG OF THE DAY:

You make me satisfied
You only want to ride
But that's alright by me
We happen to be free
For what tomorrow brings
No peace and broken wings
It may have been so good
But now it's understood
'Twas just a night

If I could tear my heart
And keep it miles apart
From love of beast or man
And never give a damn
If I could learn to lie
And never show my pride
I'd be just like the rest
Be someone I detest

I'm always looking for the sun
I'm always looking for the sun to shine

Destroys the best of us
Then leaves the rest of us
Thinking perhaps we'll die
Yet still we stay alive
Lost in a hollow frame
With lonely tears remain
Not knowing our life's worth
Dragging around the earth
How false the light

 You make me satisfied
You only want to ride
But that's alright by me
We happen to be free
And if we fall from grace
At least we had a taste
Of something more than this
Unresolved black abyss

I'm always looking for the sun
I'm always looking for the sun

 I'm always looking for the sun
I'm only looking for the sun to shine