Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I lost something in the hills....

Daniel and I decided to take a walk through the Oregon woods. Always a good idea. The trees cut up the sun and I fall in love again. Hidden from the world for a mere second and one feels the peace that once lived in their heart. Its wonderful. Getting lost in the hills.

After experiencing the beauty and wonder of Oregon...pizza is always welcome. Always.



Melly said...

Nice pics. :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Sounds like a wonderful hike!


beryl said...

awww i love hikes too, especially on a nice summer day

xx, thefashionenthusiast1.blogspot.com

renee said...

Las fotos en medio del bosque son preciosas!!


Laura Go said...

hikes and pizza? sounds like the perfect day to me!

♥ laura
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Lucija said...

Love the look with the glasses ;)
Follow each other? :)


Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

great images!

Pink Chai Raj said...

It looks so beautiful! There is nothing like walking through the woods to nurture your soul. I am planning lots of walks this summer!

Pink Chai Style

Ileana said...

Great pics.... never been to Oregon :(
and now I want pizza!!!! HAHA